running to the chocolate…i mean finish

Track Tuesday

Wow, talk about how time flies and before you know it, it is Tuesday. I haven’t posted since Saturday (I mean I have so many followers how can I disappoint ;) ).

I absolutely LOVED watching the NYCM and I think the best part was watching this video clip of Meb (I’m sure many of you have seen this by now). The picture of Meb running with the local Staten Island man just shows how amazing he is and how amazing this sport truly can be. Not only was he not feeling it…he still finished with an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time!

When I saw this picture and read the article, I started to tear up. It amazes me how wonderful the running community and spectators are; everyone just supports each other…competitors or not!

Running the last few days has been pretty light. Sunday I did ten at around a 7:53 pace, Monday I did 45 easy minutes, and this morning I did a short track workout that looked like this…

15 minute warm up

800 (at half marathon pace), 300 (at tempo up pace) X 2 with 800 meter recovery between the sets = not at all scary

mile cool down plus 15 minute run home.

As far as times, my first 800 was slow. I don’t really look at my watch and I hurt myself by doing this. My first lap was a 1:41, so naturally I said you have to slow it down. I should have checked my watch with 200 meters left to go to realize I have to pick it up. I ended up finishing in 3:24 when I should have been around a 3:17; completely my fault and felt way to comfortable almost as though I was out for a regular run. I then did my 300 in 65. Coming up on the next set I realized I still have to hit a certain pace so to make sure I do that I need to look at my watch. I ran a 3:11 which was a little fast but I felt good and finished off my 300 off in 64.

I am looking forward to finishing my season with a strong half. I know I’ve worked hard and I can’t wait to run! Maybe one day I’ll get the marathon itch, but for now I absolutely love the half.

What did you love about the NYCM?

Does it ever make you want to run a marathon if you haven’t yet?

To be honest, no! I love watching it. One day I will run one, but for now I am enjoying the half!

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