running to the chocolate…i mean finish

You Know You Want To

Good morning! I hope everyone’s week has been wonderful as we move closer to the weekend! It looks like beautiful fall running weather!

As far as yesterday’s run, it was an hour recovery from Tuesday’s workout. I was sore, very sore; my quads were screaming at me. I have to say yesterday was one of those days where I had┬áto run, didn’t really want to run. I was extremely exhausted and it was cold and rainy outside. Once I laced up, it wasn’t as bad as I thought until about 2 miles into the run a giant truck decided to zoom by me (I run facing traffic) and I got completely soaked and covered with leaves, grass, etc (tons of fun!). My run ended up being 65 minutes because I was just that slow and sore yesterday, but that’s ok, sometimes we just need a nice easy slow day!

After my run, I decided to take a yoga class. I work at a yoga studio as a Karma Yogi (I work desk shifts and get paid in yoga…awesome!) so I decided to take a class before my shift. I definitely needed a nice gentle yoga yesterday.

You know you want to…

Blogging, it isn’t easy! Definitely never thought it would be, but to get someone to even read your posts and comment is tough! I know it has only been a week and I was filled with joy when I received my very first comment, but I am hoping to really build my blog. I know it won’t happen overnight, in a week, month, months, or even a year, but I am hoping to really get out there.

I have been reading blogs for almost two years and they have been so inspirational. I am constantly looking for new blogs and bloggers to follow. As I read all the blogs, I realized many of the blogs I read are on the West Coast and most of them are from California. As I follow these bloggers, it’s amazing to see how wonderful they do and the places they get to go. I constantly try to find bloggers on the East Coast and more importantly over here in New Jersey. I love reading how the bloggers have meet ups, form awesome relay teams, go for runs, etc together. I loved reading about everyones adventure at the Hat Trick and by reading all of these recaps it made me realize, I want to be more than just a reader, I want to have my own blog and to be part of a blogging community.

So as you read and question yourself, do I leave one of the first comments or just hit the X in the corner, make the right choice and leave that comment…YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

How long did it take before you got your first/consistent comments? How excited were you?

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