running to the chocolate…i mean finish

I don’t know…

what happened to my blog! All of the sudden, I can’t really do ANYTHING! Come follow me over at, that’s if you follow me ;) ! Hopefully, by the end of the week I’ll be back to blogging regularly (for my family!)!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted (I know everyone has been crying over this)! I don’t know what is going on but hopefully it will be back up and running normally soon!

One Day :)

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I cannot believe it’s Friday all ready!

Last night I had an amazing night spending it with my beautiful niece and handsome nephew! They always know how to make me smile regardless of any situation. They’re also the two funniest little children I have ever met (you would think so too :) )! They know about the custody of my dog (I spoke about that here) and were making silly jokes about it all night (at 4 and 6 they’re extremely smart). I took them to get froyo because naturally that is the best place to spend a Thursday night (they think it is ice cream); they also decided to go crazy and put every topping in sight on it (I hope my sister isn’t reading this!).

(This is actually from September! We forgot to take one last night!)

I cannot believe the half is one day away! I am looking forward to running this race. It wasn’t really a planned race, but more like after my last half I want to do another one! The weather is looking nice and crisp for the start tomorrow and I cannot be any more excited for the 40 degree start (call me crazy but I think it’s the perfect temps)!

Yesterday I read this article about saying mantras in your head to get you from the start to the finish. I definitely yell at myself in my head as I run. Sometimes I say things such as: GO, start picking up your legs and running; you’ve trained hard for this, make your legs go; you need to pick up the pace. I also like to say positive things to myself as well: do what you can with what you have; you’re lucky to be out here doing what you love; you are strong enough to get this far, you’re strong enough to keep going; you’ve worked hard for this. Those are some things I remind myself as I run to push through to the end!

What are some mantras you use to keep you going?

Any fun plans for the weekend?


Good morning and Happy Wednesday! This week is definitely flying! As for me, this is my last day of work before a four day weekend! We have teachers’ convention so we get off Thursday and Friday to “attend” the convention (I went my first two years of teaching = not impressed).

As much as I would like to relax over the next few days I have a lot going on and I am excited for all of it. My highlight will be having my niece and nephew spend the night and my half marathon on Saturday!

25 Things Non-Runners Don’t Get About Runner (It made me laugh while I was reading this!). I can relate to #1, #4, #5, #7 (as this is what I’ll be doing Saturday morning and I couldn’t be more thrilled), #18, #19, and #25!

I love the ecards! I could sit, read, and laugh at them literally all day long! Here’s one that had me laughing out loud

What are some runner things you do that no one gets?

Can you relate to this article?

Track Tuesday

Wow, talk about how time flies and before you know it, it is Tuesday. I haven’t posted since Saturday (I mean I have so many followers how can I disappoint ;) ).

I absolutely LOVED watching the NYCM and I think the best part was watching this video clip of Meb (I’m sure many of you have seen this by now). The picture of Meb running with the local Staten Island man just shows how amazing he is and how amazing this sport truly can be. Not only was he not feeling it…he still finished with an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G time!

When I saw this picture and read the article, I started to tear up. It amazes me how wonderful the running community and spectators are; everyone just supports each other…competitors or not!

Running the last few days has been pretty light. Sunday I did ten at around a 7:53 pace, Monday I did 45 easy minutes, and this morning I did a short track workout that looked like this…

15 minute warm up

800 (at half marathon pace), 300 (at tempo up pace) X 2 with 800 meter recovery between the sets = not at all scary

mile cool down plus 15 minute run home.

As far as times, my first 800 was slow. I don’t really look at my watch and I hurt myself by doing this. My first lap was a 1:41, so naturally I said you have to slow it down. I should have checked my watch with 200 meters left to go to realize I have to pick it up. I ended up finishing in 3:24 when I should have been around a 3:17; completely my fault and felt way to comfortable almost as though I was out for a regular run. I then did my 300 in 65. Coming up on the next set I realized I still have to hit a certain pace so to make sure I do that I need to look at my watch. I ran a 3:11 which was a little fast but I felt good and finished off my 300 off in 64.

I am looking forward to finishing my season with a strong half. I know I’ve worked hard and I can’t wait to run! Maybe one day I’ll get the marathon itch, but for now I absolutely love the half.

What did you love about the NYCM?

Does it ever make you want to run a marathon if you haven’t yet?

To be honest, no! I love watching it. One day I will run one, but for now I am enjoying the half!

Run Rest Day

Happy NYCM Weekend! Today is a run rest day for me. One week until the half and it’s marathon weekend! It doesn’t get any better than that. I am headed off to do the BEST yoga class on the Jersey Shore! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and GOOD LUCK to all those running, racing, and doing the NYCM! (I am making my running group meet early tomorrow so I can be guaranteed to get my last long run done before turning on the TV and not moving from my couch!)


What are your plans for the weekend?

Running/Watching the NYCM?

Why do you run?

Happy November

Happy Friday and November! I cannot believe it’s November all ready! Where does the time go?!?! I have to say I am looking forward to November!

Some of the things I am looking forward…

  • My half marathon (one week and a day!)
  • It’s Chanukah (the night before Thanksgiving)
  • Thanksgiving (the best holiday EVER)
  • Leinenkugel fall sampler 2013 (best beers around)
  • Thanksgiving Day running and races
As far as running the past few days, things have been pretty low key. Wednesday I had an easy 50 minute recovery run after the crazy workout Tuesday and yesterday I had 40 minutes + 7 striders for a total of 46 minutes. I do the striders at the end of the run (30 seconds on 10 seconds off); then I had to run to my house which added on the extra time (oooops).
What do you look forward to the most in November?
Any fun weekend plans?

**In case you’re in need of a smile. Happy (Day Late) Halloween (blog was down yesterday but I think my family may be the only readers ;) )!!!
Got milk?!

One Week and Two Days Away…

Good morning! Half way through the week!

I just wanted to thank SkinnyRunner for her awesome post yesterday!

Here is an aerial picture from Light Up the Night. All the towns along the coast got together at certain meeting points and lit up with flashlights. AMAZING!


Habitat for Humanity still continues to build and work every day. In case you’d like to read about it or donate, click here.

One week and two days away from my next half. I will have run one short of a month ago when I do this one, but I am super excited. Yesterday was my last official hard core workout. It went something like this…

Mile and a half repeats at Holmdel Park X’s 5 decreasing by 30 seconds each times (If you know anything about the park it is one of the toughest courses…read here.). There is no break in between; as soon as I hit one point I restart the watch, get to jog three steps, and go. It’s kind of like a progression run. Times:

5 minute warm-up
1 – 11:37
2 – 10:53
3 – 10:22
4 – 9:50
5 – 9:18
15 minute cool down
Last time I did this workout was less than a month ago on October 3rd ten days before the half. Times looked like this (I only did 4 on this one)…
1 – 11:06
2 – 10:29
3 – 9:59
4 – 9:18
Yesterday, my plan was to run my first one around 11:45 and decrease 30 seconds each time. Well, it didn’t work out that way, but I felt strong and tired on the last one (if that makes any sense) and knew I worked hard.
Have an awesome day! Here is one last picture of the sunset in Bay Head, NJ from yesterday (looks a bit like a sunrise). Just remember…There is always, always, always something to be thankful for!
What is something you are thankful for?

Your favorite quote/affirmation that keeps you going?

One Year Ago Today

Good morning everyone! Today marks one year since Sandy hit home. Unless you live here, it is so hard to understand what we really went through. It’s times like these that you realize there is still good in the world and people still come together in a time of need.

This picture is from the morning before the storm hit head on. My bf at the time and I took our dog down to the beach to see the waves. It was windy and brutal.

The two with me is the morning of the 29th. The building that stood there is no longer there and if you look at the bottom picture, it’s a trailer now (if you look very close you can see the boardwalk difference).

Belmar the morning of the storm.

Taking the dog out in the hurricane (he doesn’t look excited).

May 2013. Houses being lifted (it’s much higher in person).

Summer of 2013. Houses still remain in shambles.

As you can see, it is still devastated in many areas, but towns continue building and working together. Some people are still not living in their homes, some people just left their homes because they couldn’t afford it, and some are selling their homes. Even living in the area, sometimes Sandy is forgotten until I drive by a lot where people are still storing their boats.

Take a look at some of these websites to see the before and after and to read about Hurricane Sandy. When you step out your front door, lace up your sneakers, and smell the fresh air, remember to be thankful for what you have and what’s around you. RUN to remember we are STRONG!

Then and Now

Looking Back on Sandy

A Tale of Two Shores

Week in Review and the Microwave

Good morning and Happy Monday! Where do the weekends go? Mine was quite busy and before I knew it was Sunday night and I was up in bed.

Week in Running…

*Monday – 60 minutes

*Tuesday – 4 x 1200 meters with 200 meter jog (pace is 4:30, 90 per lap), 15 minute warm-up and 15 minute cool down – 1200s –> 4:28, 4:30, 4:31, 4:28

*Wednesday – 60 minute recovery run (turned into 65 minutes because I was slow and sore from the day before) and an hour of gentle yoga

*Thursday – 45 minute recovery run with my running friend and her son

*Friday – 45 minute run (regular pace)

*Saturday – Run Rest and an hour of Strong Yoga (this instructor is by far the best ever, I live to take her classes)

*Sunday – 15.3 miles or 2 hours of running with running group (started in the cold dark and ended with the beautiful sun shining)

On the run yesterday, as we entered our second lap (each lap is five miles) and the sun was shining, one of the men said take a look this is free and it doesn’t get better than this. He is correct, nature is free and amazing.

(not my picture because I don’t take my phone but from their website)

The Microwave

Saturday I ran into the Vitamin Shoppe to buy my protein powder (Plant Fusion) and Questbars; they were having a small expo (I ended up running into a friend working and got extra free samples. WIN.). Questbar Nutrition ended up being there and I got a free sample of one of the bars I’ve never tried (white chocolate raspberry)…SCORE! Anyway, as I went to pay the cashier asked me if I tried the new Double Chocolate Chunk yet (I was purchasing one of them) and I answered with I’ve all ready been through a box! We were just talking and he asked how many I eat a day and I said one to one and a half and he ended up laughing. I told him how I love to cut them in half and put it in the microwave. He then shook his head and said I put nothing in the microwave; anything you shouldn’t stand near or look at is NOT healthy for you. I laughed and said I knew but it was so good.

Moving forward, I told my sister the story and she nags me all the time about putting my sweet potatoes (and everything else I can) in there because it takes the nutrients out of the food. I decided to go research some more and came across this article. It’s very interesting; if you have time, it’s short.

Do you microwave your food? If so, how often?

How was your weekend in running? Do any fun Halloween runs?

What was your favorite part about the weekend?

My favorite part was sleeping in Saturday, going to my favorite yoga class, and spending the day with my family (niece and nephew especially).